Opening Eyes to Agriculture


The Mission


Educating students and the greater community about the farm origins of our food and agriculture’s contribution to our nutritional well-being.


the vision

to inspire our local communities to have a deep appreciation for agriculture and the hands and lands that feed us to ensure the future viability of agriculture in rural and urban communities.


Our Impact

SEEAG has reached more than 25,000 students in Ventura County since it's inception in 2008 with our programs. SEEAG strives to bolster the link between people and the farm sources of their food, and has evolved to meet the growing need and demand for agricultural education.  



In today’s world, an astonishing number of children are unable to make the connection between the farmland surrounding them and the food on their tables. The traditional education system too often neglects the importance of agriculture and the hands and lands that cultivate the world’s food.


The Team

From our boots on the soil to our esteemed Board of Directors, our tactical planning to our long-term vision, SEEAG is a carefully selected team of passionate change-makers dedicated to having the greatest and most positive impact possible.


Support Us

SEEAG relies on the community and our partners to make our vision a reality.  Heres how you can get involved in inspiring the generation of agricultural ambassadors! 


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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

We constantly strive to improve our curriculum and programs; to provide cutting-edge, realitybased education; and to widen our reach within the community to impact the lives of children, youth, and adults in meaningful, long-lasting ways.






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