Farm Lab Classroom and field trips to Petty Ranch

Promotes agricultural awareness and appreciation from farm to consumption, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture practices. This educational, hands-on opportunity reinvigorates public interest in our food system and the food supply chain.  Students engage in a classroom presentation and a field trip at Petty Ranch.


The Ventura County Child Wellness Initiative

The Journey of a Lemon: Ventura County Specialty Crops & Nutrition Presentation

Join SEEAG for an interactive presentation about the important role of Ventura County’s specialty crops in healthy nutrition. Students will explore the colors of the food rainbow. Each student receives a Healthy Hero Passport that has engaging activities and games to encourage healthy eating at home, resources on where to find Ventura County specialty crops, plus kid-friendly recipes. Teachers also receive a toolkit that includes information to help further integrate the nutrition program into their classroom instruction.


STEAM Careers in 21st Century Agriculture

For Middle & High School Students

STEAM Careers in 21st Century Agriculture aims to teach middle and high school students about the diverse job opportunities available in agriculture; from running a farm, to working in a food safety laboratory, and so much in between. Students are shown the pathways to achieving these jobs, including subjects to focus on in school, higher education related to agriculture, training, internships, and other experiences that may help them prepare. Students get excited about being involved in local agriculture, and to potentially pursuing a career in this diverse industry.



Farm Day

Farm Day’s mission is to connect and educate the community about the farm origins of their food to cultivate informed citizens and agricultural ambassadors. This meaningful program provides free tours to community members at farms, ranches, and agricultural organizations throughout multiple counties. We hope you and your family will join us!