We are very excited to announce SEEAG’s newest education program, the Ventura County Child Wellness Initiative [VCCWI], which will include the Farm Fresh Mobile Classroom Van. We are offering the following support opportunities to a very select group of community leaders in Ventura County.  In 2019 SEEAG will have only eleven partnership opportunities for logo placement on the van.  


Support the Mission

SEEAG will teach an additional 10,000 local school children throughout Ventura County over the next two and half years about eating locally grown fruits and vegetables, health, nutrition and incorporating exercise into their day. 

Commit to the Farm Fresh Mobile Classroom Van

The Farm Fresh Mobile Classroom Van will connect elementary students to agriculture and promote healthier lifestyles through nutrition and exercise. Becoming a partner demonstrates your organization’s commitment to the community and a healthier future for our children. Your investment will cultivate a love for agriculture, healthy food and wellness throughout our county.

The Farm Fresh Mobile Classroom Van will visit over 100 schools, many of which are Title 1 schools. This colorful mobile classroom will carry educational supplies, farm fresh produce, recipe cards and nutrition information that students will share with their families. 

Support Healthy Community Engagement

Join us to make an immediate impact in our community by helping SEEAG educate and empower local school children to make better food choices. We are asking you to commit to the initiative by placing your corporate logo or seal on the van. This year, the van will be seen by tens of thousands of students, teachers, education leaders and the community at large. In 2019, SEEAG’s partnership opportunities will include the Farm Fresh Van, VC Farm Day, Adopt Farm Lab, and STEAM Careers in Agriculture. We will not be hosting a golf tournament.



Support Opportunities

RANGING FROM $3,250 - $10,000

Other Support Opportunities