We’re on a mission to help you become a Super Healthy Hero!

Join us as we learn why eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day helps keep us healthy and strong. On our journey, we will discover kid-friendly recipes, cooking tips, fun activities and games, and ideas on how we can share our healthy hero super powers with others.


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About the Program

Join SEEAG for an interactive presentation about the important role of Ventura County's specialty crops in healthy nutrition.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the colors of the food rainbow through hands-on activities, including creating their own smoothie recipe using locally-grown fruits and vegetables.  Each student will receive a Healthy Hero Passport that has engaging activities and games to encourage healthy eating at home, along with resources on where to find Ventura County specialty crops plus kids friendly recipes.  Teachers also receive a toolkit that includes information to help further integrate the nutrition program into their classroom instruction. 


Eating a Food Rainbow


Students learn about the rainbow of local specialty crops and their health benefits

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Healthy Hero Passport


Super Healthy Hero Bee takes the kids on an adventure to learn about the colors of the food rainbow and their important nutritional benefits


Make a Ventura County Rainbow Smoothie

Students will help create a super healthy hero smoothie while exploring the top five crops grown in Ventura County and learning about their specific nutritional benefits


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About Super Healthy Hero Kids

Hello Friends,

Super Healthy Hero Kids is an interactive website brought to you by the team at Students for Eco-Education & Agriculture (SEEAG). We are a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire and empower people of all ages to find the super healthy hero within!

Super Healthy Hero Kids is an extension of our 3 part educational program offered in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and  Los Angeles counties that teaches the full life cycle of our food, from seed to table.  Part of the Ventura County Child Wellness Initiative,  kids are introduced to the food grown in their own backyard, while learning the importance of eating a diverse diet of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Our interactive nutrition tools and tips were designed to promote healthy living for everyone. We have included kid-friendly recipes, fun nutrition games, lesson plans for teachers, and activities that you can do at home or school.

We hope that you enjoy discovering the Super Healthy Hero lifestyle and look forward to sharing in your adventures!


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This program is currently accepting grades 2 & 3


When kids and adults are impressed, something is working well. Our SEEAG presentation was informative, lively and engaging for all. This work is also among the most critical we do with children. Health and wellness are foundations of successful students, schools, communities and cultures. I thank SEEAG for bringing healthy choices and awareness of our county’s role in promoting health and wellness into the focus it deserves.
— Ryan Howatt Principal/Rio Rosales School


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