Bringing nutrition education into the classroom is a fantastic way to incorporate STEM into your teaching. Our curriculum is aligned with NGSS and easy to integrate into your school day. Students enjoy interactive lessons that provide knowledge and skills they can take home to share with their friends and family. We encourage you to share these resources and help promote nutrition education!


Nutrition Education Classroom Activity

Learn Ventura County’s specialty crops through art, games, and taste testing.


Super Healthy Hero Rainbow Brain Game

Instructions: Mix up cards and lay them in rows face down. The first player turns over any two cards and if they match, keeps them. If they don’t match, the player turns them back over. Remember what is on each card and where it was! The game is over when there are no cards remaining. Players count up their pairs to determine the winner.


Super Healthy Hero Bingo

Instructions: Players must identify the picture on the bingo card and cover the space. If a player has all of the pictures covered diagonally, across a row or vertically in a column, they call BINGO and win.


Recommended Books

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