Healthy habits begin at home! Incorporate nutritious eating into your family’s day by making healthy eating easy, accessible, and fun.

Start thinking about incorporating colors into your child’s diet – red, blue, green, yellow, and orange

  • Include your child in the menu planning, food shopping, and cooking
  • Send a rainbow of locally grown foods in your child’s lunchbox
  • Make food fun! Arrange fresh fruit on a skewer, create funny faces with assorted fruits and veggies, or use toothpicks to create food pyramids
  • Participate in Produce Mom, an initiative to get kids cooking wholesome family meals on a regular basis. Learn more at
  • Shop for local fruits and vegetables that are in season to enjoy peak flavor and lower prices
  • Display locally grown vegetables and fruits so they are within easy reach for kids
  • Purchase at least one Ventura County grown produce item from each color of the rainbow each week
  • Serve fresh fruit as dessert
  • Prepare a weekly rainbow dinner, with locally grown produce from every color of the food rainbow
  • Grow a vegetable garden with your child and include them in the planting, harvesting, and eating
  • Take a trip to the farmers market with your child and bring along their passport to complete the activities

Activities To Do At Home


Let’s Have a Rainbow for Dinner Activity!

This fun, family activity will get everyone involved with eating Ventura County grown fruits and vegetables! This is a great activity for dining out.