Back to School Super Healthy Hero Lunches


Your Super Healthy Hero needs to maintain their energy and focus throughout their busy school year. Studies have shown that kids that eat nutritious foods throughout their day have longer attention spans are able to focus more during the school day.  

Actively involving your child in preparing their school lunch is a great way to teach cooking and nutrition skills.  You can make it a fun activity that empowers your child to learn how to make a healthy lunch with the following tips:

*We love the evening lunch preparation as it eliminates the morning stress of getting everyone out the door and to school on time.
*A bento box is an excellent way to eliminate unnecessary waste, keep foods separate, and also to see if you have the proper proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains for a healthy lunch.
*Have your child practice their knife skills by chopping the vegetables and fruits.
*Leftovers from dinner are a great way to break up the lunch menu so keep a thermos handy to pre-warm up last night’s dinner and pop it in the lunch box.
*Skewers and toothpicks are excellent for making fruit kabobs. You can also use turkey, cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes for fun and healthy skewers.

Rhianna Moore