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SEEAG provides a three-part program for THIRD GRADE classrooms.

Our curriculum is aligned with EEI and NGSS Standards for grade three.

Part I: Intro to Ag Classroom Presentation must be scheduled before Part II - 45 minutes (Monday/Wednesday ONLY)

Part II: Farm Lab at Petty Ranch Field Trip date in order to provide students with a background in agricultural literacy. 9 am - 12:30 pm (Tuesday/Thursday ONLY)

Part III: The Journey of a Lemon Nutrition Presentation can be scheduled any day throughout the school year. Specialty Crop Nutrition Presentation - 45 minutes

After you fill out this scheduling request, we will contact you to go over dates and availability before the booking is completed.

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The Farm Lab at Petty Ranch is for Third Grade Only.
Part I: Intro to Ag Classroom Presentation is limited to approx. 55 students per presentation. Part II: Farm Lab Field Trip is limited to approx. 55 students. Part III: The Journey of a Lemon Nutrition can be scheduled for up to 4 classrooms per presentation.
We will do our best to place with you with dates of your choice. We appreciate your flexibility.

Bus Reimbursement

SEEAG understands that the cost of transportation may be a limitation for some schools. We can help. SEEAG will reimburse up to $250 for transportation. The remainder of the bus fee will be the school’s responsibility to cover.

Here’s how it works: We ask that you book a bus through your school’s Office Manager. We will NOT pay for buses prior to the field trip. We encourage you to use Fillmore Area Transit Company or the transit company of your choice. Please schedule your bus by October 1st to ensure the best possible price.

Once the field trip has taken place, send SEEAG the paid invoice from your school to our Financial Manager, Debra Bourne, either by mail, P.O. Box. 1461, Ojai, CA 93024; or via email at .

Fillmore Area Transit Company
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