SEEAG Receives Grant From Foundation of Ventura County Credit Union

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VENTURA COUNTY — Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG) was selected to receive a $4,000 grant from the Foundation of Ventura County Credit Union.

The grant funds will go towards SEEAG’s “Ventura County Child Wellness Initiative,” a program that is designed to educate and inspire children to eat healthy by adding locally grown Ventura County specialty crops to their diet.

The wellness initiative will reach 10,000 children including low income, Title 1 students in grades second through fourth during school and after school programs.

“Ventura County Credit Union’s generosity will enable SEEAG to educate our kids about the benefits and value of eating healthy,” says Mary Maranville, SEEAG founder and CEO. “On behalf of all the children who benefit from our agricultural and nutrition education programming, we thank you.”

Mary MaranvilleComment