Board of Supervisors - Official Resolution - Ventura County Agricultural Education

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The Board of Supervisors recognized the great work of the organization for inspiring the next generation to become future agricultural managers and responsible stewards of the land

The Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture ((SEE AG), founded by Mary Maranville in 2008, is an educational program to help school children make the connection between the acres of farm land in Ventura County and the food that ends up on the dinner table. Field trips are scheduled throughout the year to provide students hands-on learning experiences in farmland and gardens. SEE AG maintains strong community ties by supporting local farming through its Farmer of the Month program featuring the contributions of local farmers and through its Harvest of the Month program, which provides resources to support healthy food choices and healthier habits for students. The group also hosted the first ever Ventura County Farm Day in 2013, which celebrated “the hands and lands that feed us” and featured free tours, tastings, and cooking demonstrations from nine local farms including Deardorff, Friends Ranch, Houwelings, Limoneira, McGrath, Rancho del Pueblo, Rio Gozo, Underwood Family Farms, and the Ventura County Agricultural Museum.

Rhianna MooreComment