October Grower Spotlight of the Month - Donna Johanson and Lauren Johanson Jones of Chivas Skin Care - Ventura County Agricultural Education

Donna Johanson and Lauren Johanson Jones are the mother-daughter team behind fabulous Chivas Skin Care located in beautiful Bardsdale, California.

The story of Chivas Skin Care and their love on animals began on the sheep farm they lived on in New Jersey. Donna instilled a love for animals in her children, which they transferred to sunny Ventura County and the purchase of two French Alpine goats.

Donna needed to find something to do with all of the luscious raw milk being produced by her goats–a family can only drink so much–so she began making soap. Family and friends alike loved her concoctions, which she would give away as gifts. This coincided with Lauren’s return from college, so she began helping her mom. Two years after starting to make soap products, Donna showcased her goods at a craft show at her son’s middle school. A woman with sensitive skin bought a soap product, albeit hesitantly, but returned with rave reviews and wanting to purchase 10 more bars on the spot. With that, Chivas Skin Care was born.

What initially started out as a two-goat operation has expanded to include 20 Goats, 9 chickens, 4 pigs, 3 tortoises, and a rescue cow named Diva. Each animal has a name that they are lovingly called by. Donna and Lauren’s great care and respect for their animals is also translated into the crafting of their soaps. As they so eloquently put it: “We handcraft goat milk soaps on our Southern California family farm with fresh goat milk, all-natural essential oils, fair-trade shea butter and lots of love.” The goat milk, essential oils, and fair-trade ingredients ensure high-quality and ethically-conscious products. Chivas Skin Care products are available in 80 stores across the country, and for purchase online here.

If you are in Bardsdale, we strongly encourage you to come to Chivas and check out their picturesque, 1-acre property. Or, better yet, check out their Events Page for a list of their annual activities and events.