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Ventura County Farmer of the Season

Each season SEEAG names one local Ventura County Farmer as our ‘Farmer of the Season’

If you grow food in Ventura County you are eligible to be a farmer of the season!

unnamed (9) October Grower Spotlight of the Month – Eric Reiter - Getting ahold of Eric Reiter is no easy task. It might be because Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) is the largest berry producer in the world. Ventura County’s gorgeous Mediterranean climate makes it a prime location to grow multiple varieties of berries,   Read More  »
unnamed-8 September Grower Spotlight of the Month – Chris Massa - Every time I turn around, I find there are good people trying to accomplish great things in our community. It’s wonderful to witness. Chris Massa is one such individual. He is at the forefront of the local farm-to-school movement.   Read More  »
unnamed (7) June Grower Spotlight of the Month – Dave Murray of Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce - Long-time Ventura resident Dave Murray has directed key operations at Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce for the past ten years, including farming production, grower development, facilities, food safety, social responsibility, R&D, innovation and new product development.   Read More  »
unnamed (3) May Grower Spotlight of the Month – John Schoustra of Greenwood Daylily Gardens - John Schoustra is a local gem. It’s not every day you meet a grand man who wants to discuss flower varieties and their colors. When you first meet John Schoustra you notice his tall stature right away.   Read More  »
mike Williams March Grower Spotlight of the Month – Mike Williams of Diamond W Cattle Company - A woman never forgets the first time she meets a real cowboy. Mike Williams is just that – a true blooded Ventura County cattle rancher and cowboy. Where do you think the name cowboy comes from?   Read More  »
flores December Grower Spotlight of the Month – Alex Flores of Future Farmers of America - Santa Paula: “You need to meet Alex Flores!” was proclaimed to me at least a half dozen times when the Ventura County agricultural community learned about SEEAG’s agricultural education endeavors. That’s because Alex has been deeply embedded in the ag education scene here for many years.   Read More  »
Otto-and-Sons-Nursery-Scott-650x340 November Grower Spotlight of the Month – Scott Klittich of Otto and Sons Nursery - We are so happy to introduce you to Scott Klittich of Otto & Sons Nursery in Fillmore. Otto & Sons Nursery was established in 1976 by Otto and Jeanne Klittich and their four sons, Bob, Bill,   Read More  »
goats October Grower Spotlight of the Month – Donna Johanson and Lauren Johanson Jones of Chivas Skin Care - Donna Johanson and Lauren Johanson Jones are the mother-daughter team behind fabulous Chivas Skin Care located in beautiful Bardsdale, California. The story of Chivas Skin Care and their love on animals began on the sheep farm they lived on in New Jersey.   Read More  »
HarrytheFigTree August Grower Spotlight of the Month – Chris Sayer of Petty Ranch - When someone mentions figs in Ventura County, only one farmer comes to mind: Chis Sayer of Petty Ranch. Just as Chris’s ancestors were some of the first growers to realize the potential of Ventura’s Mediterranean climate,   Read More  »
unnamed March Grower Spotlight of the Month – Jim Binns of Andremily Winery - Hello Friends of SEEAG, Wine is the nectar of the Gods.  This month I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Jim Binns the down to earth wine maker for Sin Qua Non and his very own new wine,   Read More  »
unnamed-1 January Grower Spotlight of the month – Martin Gramckow - Martin Gramckow is one of the first farmers/growers I met in Ventura County back in 2008. Now he is known for being a trail blazer in hydroponic raspberry production.  He was a Board Member for the Resource Conservation District of Ventura County,   Read More  »
unnamed-1 Nov & Dec Grower Spotlight – Emily Thacher from Friend’s Ranches - Hello Friends of SEEAG, Happy Holidays and good cheer from all of us at SEEAG!! Wishing you a lovely December filled with joy, health, family time and a bright 2015. See you in January.   Read More  »
unnamed-2 Sept & Oct Grower Spotlight – Steve Sprinkel -   SEEAG’s VC SEPT/OCT GROWER SPOTLIGHT Steve Sprinkel at Ranch Del Pueblo in Ojai October: I see and interact with Steve Sprinkel more then any other farmer I know.  His lovely farm-to-table cafe, Farmer and the Cook,   Read More  »
unnamed-2 July/August Grower Spotlight – Jason Tamai - Hello Friends of SEEAG, We’re back!  The 2014/15 school year has started and SEEAG  is on the path to having another record breaking year by providing more students than ever access to our AG education program.   Read More  »
unnamed-1 June Grower Spotlight: Connor Jones of East End Eden Farm - SEE AG VENTURA COUNTY JUNE GROWER SPOTLIGHT June 2014: Connor Jones of East End EdenFarmOne hears the phrase old soul and thinks wise beyond their years. Connor Jones is 22 and is just that.  He is one of the most dedicated,   Read More  »
unnamed-3 Farmer of the Month: Erynn Smith of Join the Farm - May 2014: You can take the girls off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girls. Both Erynn Smith, a member of historic Blanchard Family and Reyna Ortega, Join the Farm Manager,   Read More  »
unnamed-3 Gus Gunderson – April Grower Spotlight - VENTURA COUNTY APRIL GROWER SPOTLIGHT April 2014:   Just the name “Gus Gunderson” evokes strength.  Of Danish and Norwegian descent Gunderson means ‘battle’ and ‘warrior’.  Perfect for the Director of Southern Farming Operations of Limoneira. He isthe farmer warrior doing battle every day out on 3,200 acres of lemon and avocado orchards.     Read More  »
unnamed-1 March 2014 – Will Terry -   Hi SEEAG Friends, Ventura County is STRAWBERRY COUNTRY. Our VC Farmers grow close to $700 million worth of strawberries a year ranking it the number one crop. Truly amazing. Meet Will Terry of Terry Farms,   Read More  »
Robert "BD" Dautch February 2014 – Meet Robert “BD” Dautch of Earthtrine Farm - February 2014: In Ojai ‘s Arbolada there is truly a little piece of paradise on the corner of Cuyama and Del Norte Roads. Behind an elegant row of bark stripped white eucalyptus trees a gorgeous yellow craftsman style home (my favorite house in the valley) stands as the welcome mat to 12 acres of pretty orchards and row crops known as Earthtrine Farm.   Read More  »
Steve Barnard - A Man and His Mission January 2014 – Steve Barnard: A Man and His Mission - January 2014:  When I think of Steve Barnard this proclamation comes to mind “I’m off to feed the world”.   That’s what he lives every day.  Many of us think on a much smaller scale, not Steve.     Read More  »
unnamed-1 December 2013 – Ellen Brokaw of Brokaw Nursery - December, 2013: I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Brokaw through her daughter in-law Katie at the Ventura County Fair Livestock Auction last August. I met many long time Ventura County Aggies that day and when Katie heard I didn’t have a BBQ meal ticket she quickly walked me over to meet Ellen who had an extra.   Read More  »
unnamed November 2013 – Steve Gill of Gills Onions and Rio Farms - November, 2013: I have to admit Steve Gill is one of my favorite farmers in the county. I’m not just writing this because he is one of my new Board Members, it’s because back in 2008 when no one knew about my program he was a big supporter from the beginning.   Read More  »
Micah Gustavson at Majestic Oak Vineyard September 2013 – Micah Gustavson at Majestic Oak Vineyard - Sometimes life’s little events happen for a reason. Or at least we hope they do. My wonderful camera man got lost on his way to film Micah’s interview at the Majestic Oak Vineyard Estate in Ojai.   Read More  »
Richard Atmore August 2013 – Richard Atmore - Richard Atmore is a big man with a jovial gregarious personality and a big mission. He is a pleasure to converse with, mainly because he is a man with conviction and he always seems to be in a good mood.   Read More  »
marz July 2013 – David Martinez of Marz Farms - The Martinez Brothers, David, Audelio and Renato, have been growing berries since 1995. Taking the farm from 2 acres to over 2,000. These business partners got their start growing for Driscoll’s, but their farming “roots” go much deeper.   Read More  »
Jim at Underwood Ranches in Fillmore June 2013 – Jim Roberts from Underwood Ranches - One of the special things I’ve noticed about most of the farmers I talk to is an underlying sense of pride they have about growing food for people. They never come right out and say it,   Read More  »
Monica Houweling May 2013 – Monica Houweling at Houweling’s Nursery - Monica Houweling is an absolute delight. We hear all too many times the average age of the American Farmer is around 60 years. At Houweling’s Nursery Monica is defying this statistic at 19. She represents the next wave of young,   Read More  »
McGrath Family Farm April 2013 – Edgar Terry at Terry Farms - On my way to meet Edgar and his lovely wife Martha for the first time at Terry Berries in Ventura, CA I had no idea as I drove south along the 101, looking out at the farmland busy with harvesters,   Read More  »
Arturo Reyes & Phil McGrath in Camarillo, CA March 2013 – Arturo Reyes – McGrath Family Farm - The first time I saw and met Arturo Reyes his head was underneath the hood of an old pick up truck at McGrath Farm. This made perfect sense as Phil once explained, “Arturo is my right hand man here at the farm,   Read More  »
emily February 2013 – Emily Ayala Thacher of Friends Ranch in Ojai - Nothing is more satisfying than walking though a citrus orchard during a warm winter’s day – trees all laden with fruit – especially when it’s with Emily at Friend’s Ranch in Ojai. The end of February is the very beginning of Ojai Pixie tangerine season.   Read More  »
harvest_january January 2013 – Dean Diefenthaler of Duda Farms in Fillmore - As soon as Dean stepped out of his big Ford pickup truck in front of a lush expansive field of celery it was like meeting someone like John Wayne, minus the cowboy hat. If you know Dean you know his personality is filled with generosity and an enthusiasm for growing celery.   Read More  »
famer_november November 2012 -Ben Shore – Reeves Creek Ranch - Like most Ojai farmers, Ben Shore is a very down to earth kind of guy. His boot leather is several years worn, his jeans look like they should and upon arriving to his ranch his dog Hanna greets you way before you see Ben.   Read More  »

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